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Electronics on board

The needs of installers of electronic equipment on board ships and yachts often translate into the need to have devices tailored to them. That's why we offer a range of products that should never be lacking in the installer's kit.

We are also able to create new ones, ever closer to your needs and more specific, designed to make your job easier.

Keeping up with progress is a must for the industrial sector, which is why we study and implement solutions that meet your needs.

Home automation is the future, but thanks to us it is also the present. Our automatisms will allow you to always have control over what happens in your workplace, will be able to streamline procedures now obsolete that slow down production.


Devices for data collection and diagnosis of electronic boards are the devices that are most requested.

We create in line with your appliance requests that will give you the certainty of a correct data collection (temperature, pressure, brightness, etc.).

The diagnosis of devices and electronic boards allows you to test with absolute certainty the correct operation, we will provide you the best.



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