Interface between gyrocompass and course repeater, indicated on raft type vessels where the stern course repeater must be reversed 180 degrees with respect to the heading. The device interfaces between the signal of the gyrocompass and any other device suitable for reading the route, it allows to reverse the nmea signal of the gyro by 180 degrees and adapt the communication speed in the following ways, if necessary :

                                                                            4800bt (in)/ 4800bt (out)

                                                                            4800bt (in)/ 38400 bt (out)




The device recognizes the following strings:



$XXROT (the XX can assume any character)





The device is reliable and tested for several years on board ferries.


M.E.S. ENGINEERING   VIALE ITALIA 8 20066 MELZO MI                                                                                                                                       P.IVA  10196760960

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