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The ME_SNM_1 reader is a portable device that allows the reading of NMEA strings in a comfortable and practical way.

Equipped with a manageable design allowing the user to carry it without excessive bulk. Strings can be received and transmitted from either the NMEA Buffer port or the USB port.

It is equipped with 5 memory banks, 4 of which can be written by both the device and the PC, the fifth bank can only be written by the PC in order to guarantee the integrity of the data saved on this bank without the user overwriting them by mistake.

The acquired strings can be saved, retransmitted and if necessary modified directly from the reader.

The TX\RX speed (4800,9600,19200,38400) and the delay can be set at the user's choice.

The ME_SNM_1 reader can interface with the PC thanks to the Log_Nmea application, which enables reading and writing of the memory banks by connecting the device to the PC via the USB port.

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